The fabled Gaia’s Lullaby

Do you know the fabled Gaia's Lullaby ?

A luminous and loving invitation to listen to your Heart which speaks to you. 

This “Ear of the vibratory Heart” which you hear in self beyond circumstances and chaos.

It's here and now the valuable clues and tools to feed your expansion flight plan on Earth and beyond. 😊 👀

In a land of ancient woods and glistening rivers, a humble community thrived in harmony with Nature. 

They listened to the wind's whispers and the waters' murmurs to learn the world's secrets. 

Legend has it that Gaia, Mother Earth, sang an eternal lullaby to her children, imbuing them with a sense of security and oneness with life.

In the heart of the village, there lived a young boy named Jonas. From a tender age, Jonas had felt an inexplicable connection with the world around him. 

He found solace in the company of trees and was mesmerized by the gentle dance of water in the streams.

As he grew older, his longing to understand his connection with the Earth deepened, and he yearned to hear the fabled Gaia's Lullaby. 

One night, beneath a sky painted with the soft brushstrokes of the Milky Way, Jonas decided to embark on a journey to uncover the secret melody. 

From then on, he walked away from the village, into the arms of the forest, without turning back. Guided by the soft glow of fireflies, Jonas ventured further than any villager had ever dared. He has scaled towering mountains, traversed solace deserts, and walked along the shores of vast oceans. Yet no matter how far he traveled or how hard he listened, the elusive lullaby remained just beyond his reach.

Exhausted and disheartened, Jonas slumped down beside a tranquil pool at the edge of the world. 

Suddenly a wise old sea turtle suddenly emerged from the water looking deep into her tired eyes then she said;

Jonas, are you looking for the song of Mother Earth ?

It's very difficult to hear it only with your ears.

The sea turtle continued:

It's a vibrational wave that passes through and fills the heart because that is where Gaia's lullaby truly resides.

Jonas listened carefully and felt a surge of hope rising within him.

With eyes closed, Jonas let his burning heart guide him. As the wind caressed his face and the Earth embraced his feet, he felt the warmth of the sun on his skin. At that precise moment, he finally heard the elusive melody he was looking for.

Gaia's lullaby enveloped him, weaving itself into his being, revealing that she had been there all along. The song of the oceans, the rustling of the leaves, the cries of animals and the laughter of children harmonized into a symphony that resonated in the hearts of all who walked the Earth.

The wise old turtle's smile beamed with approval as Jonah's mind and heart awakened and marveled at the profound interconnectedness of all things.

Gracefullness to and under the blessing of this new understanding, awareness, knowledge and recognition of the delicate balance of the natural world, Jonas returned to his village and taught the villagers the magic of melody by tirelessly passing on the song to their children, who grew up knowing the harmony of the world and the importance of taking care of all that surrounds us in the great work of the authentic divine light, where the essence of true Human being acts and emanates its consciousness of unity with its True Nature.

Gaia's Lullaby has become a treasured part of their lives, a symbol and embodiment of their connection to Mother Earth Gaia and the harmonic links existing in an infinite present with all kingdoms that live on Earth.

Feeling to listen in french😊

Are you feeling deeply connected with security, unity and harmony of life ?

Perhaps it is time to return to the closeness of the in-breath and out-breath flows of your free and sovereign human being, in accompanied silence, in unison with the powerful, luminous and loving vibratory waves of Mother Earth Gaia, interconnected with all that surrounds you...

By silently observing what is happening within self, thoughts, emotions, we penetrate more deeply into the essence of the vibrational heart by discovering what gives us the most joy. 

Joy is the simple answer to many questions we all ask selves. When we struggle with a question, such as, “Should I do this or that? or should I hold myself back?” 

Ask yourself instead, “Does this give me joy, does this increase the joy in me?”



I really feel to restore the sovereignty of my true Being.

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Un peu plus haut, un peu plus loin, un peu plus seul(e) ?